100% Australian Made Recycled Bronze Souvenirs as well as Hand created Australian Opal and Sterling Silver "One Off" Pendants.

I Handcast locally in Wodonga an extensive range of quality made Bronze Souvenirs. These include Australian Icons like Ned Kelly, Mining Scenes featuring mining accessories, Native Animals like the Kangaroo, Koala, Frilled Neck Lizard and Echidna as well as having a very special friend from my Homeland New Zealand, the Iconic Kiwi.

The other range I handcast is Sterling Silver and Gold. This includes Silver "One Off" Pendants I have hand designed and created to go with the Australian Opal Gemstones that I hand cut and polished. Also there are Silver Rings with Natural Gemstones like Rubies and Sapphires as well as the odd unique Dress Ring i.e Frog, Butterfly, Pearls. Also included in the mix are some Silver and Bronze Snowflakes in Pendants and Earrings as well as a couple of Traditional Moari Symbols, to keep the Kiwi company.

At this stage I am open via Appointment from home but I am planning to open a small shop soon to accommodate my growing business and very loyal Clientele.